Roofing 101

Before buying a roof, we want you to fully educate youself on what you are going to be getting. Everything from the different aspects of a roof, different problems you may run into, and our informative blog post that might help make you decision a bit easier! Check out the content below to see all of the different roofing options you have at your disposal! 

Do you need a new roof?

This is a question homeowners often wonder. Do I need a new roof? How do I know if I need a new roof! Well, let’s explore some of the factors that may determine if you actually need a new roof or now!

Old Roof

Is your roof 15 years or older? Does it look something like this? If so, there is a good chance you need a new roof. An old roofing system can be easily compromised, make your house look unappealing, and puts your homes safety and value at risk! A compromised roof may lead to expensive repair bills. Call us, a trusted roofing contractor in Brooklet, Ga!

Hail Damage

Has your town experienced sever storms lately? Did that storm produce hail? Your roof may have hail damage! If you have homeowners insurance you may qualify for a FREE roof! Click the button below to schedule a free storm damage roof inspection. Hail is one of your roof’s worst enemies! We work with all roof storm damage insurance claims in Brooklet, Ga.

Wind Damage

Did you know that strong winds could compromise your roof? If a recent storm has produced wind gusts over 60 mph you may want to get an inspection. If you notice shingles missing or peeled back your roof is damaged and could lead to expensive repair bills. Click the button below and we will send an inspector to survey your roof!

Missing Shingles

The key to a roof system’s effectiveness is complete protection. When shingles are missing or torn off, a roof structure and home or building interior are vulnerable to water damage and rot. The problem is likely to spread-nearby shingles also are ripped easily or blown away. Missing or torn shingles should be replaced as soon as possible.

Moss, Algae, and Leaves

You may not know it, but moss, algae, and leaves can actually cause damage to your roof! Buildup of these materials can collect moisture and destroy the shingles on the roof. It also looks very unattractive. If your shingles rot, they can be compromised and lead to further damage to your house. We can handle all roof repairs in Brooklet, Ga!

Roofing system components

  • Roof covering: shingles, tile, slate or metal and underlayment that protect the sheathing from weather.
  • Sheathing: boards or sheet material that are fastened to roof rafters to cover a house or building. 
  • Roof structure: rafters and trusses constructed to support the sheathing. 
  • Flashing: sheet metal or other material installed into a roof system’s various joints and valleys to prevent water seepage. 
  • Drainage: a roof system’s design features, such as shape, slope and layout that affect its ability to shed water.

So, Do you need a new roof?

It is crucial that your home’s roof has a fully functional and complete roofing system protecting it. Your roof is your home’s biggest defense against natures harsh elements. If your roof fails, your house could be at risk. If a strong storm or extreme weather strike it could leave you with an even more expensive repair bill than just replacing your roof, so don’t take a chance! You can trust PRS, a top rated roofing contractor in Brooklet, GA to get the job done right the first time! Give us a call today at (912) 667-2225!

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