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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

Roof inspection

The roof plays a crucial role in every building because it protects the rest of the house from damage. That is why you should be keen on its health to avoid having a caving housetop during a crucial period like winter or during the hot summer months.

You should inspect your roof regularly to determine how strong it is and see whether it needs repair or replacement. However, it is not always obvious when a housetop needs replacing. You have to liaise with good roofing contractors in Savannah, GA, to help you examine it from time to time.

Here are some pointers to help you check your housetop for severe damage that could require replacing.

A Sagging Roof

One thing that roofers in Savannah will warn you about is a sagging roof. It is the most direct sign that a housetop needs replacing. If your roof has sunk in and looks lower than it was initially, it is time to call one of the roofing contractors Savannah, GA companies, for help.

They will send a contractor to examine it and give a detailed review of the housetop and what needs to be done. They will schedule a day for a replacement and bring the necessary tools.

A Leaking Roof

A leaking roof will definitely have water damage, which could lead to other problems like stains on the ceiling and mold buildup. If you see a place where water seeps into the walls, your housetop needs replacing. Talk to roofing Savannah, Georgia contractors to help you change your housetop before the water damage destroys everything in your home.

Holes on the Roof

You probably need a new housetop if you can see the light coming in through the roof. Holes on the top mean that your roof has been around for too long that it has started wearing out.

Whether it is a missing shingle or broken roof pieces, an experienced Savannah roofing company should recommend a replacement. That will prevent further damage and save your home from extreme damage if a storm passes by.

Grit And Granules in the Gutters

When shingles start breaking apart on your housetop, the particles accumulate in your gutters and block water from flowing away from the housetop. That could cause roof leakages and water damage stains on your ceiling.

Therefore, it is essential to have regular inspections to see whether your housetop is still intact. If you notice loose granules in the gutters, call roofers in Savannah and give your home a new housetop.


Roofing in Savannah, GA, is advanced, and the roofing companies in Savannah, GA, have ensured they use high-quality products on the housetops. However, that cannot prevent damage from storms, age, or poor maintenance.

You should therefore schedule regular inspections with a roofing company in Savannah, GA, to keep your roof intact. If you haven’t inspected your roof this year, do it now and save your home from a caving housetop in the future.

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